Watch Flickr video round the clock - literally!

Flickr’s announced some new and upgraded features in its offering today. Video capability will be extended to all Flickr members, not just Pro account holders – although for now at least you can only upload two per month. Meanwhile, Flickr Pros get an upgrade to HD – perfect for those who want an excuse to take the plunge on a Flip Mino HD (anyone know when it’s out in the UK?)

But for those who don’t fancy their skills as a cinematic artiste, there’s also a fantastic new toy available that you can use to explore the videos shot by Flickr members across the world – the Flickr clock. Videos are visualised along a timeline via intriguing visual slices, and you can browse through to pick your moments carefully, or just sit back and watch the world go by – literally. It’s a great way to clock-watch!

Flickr clock