Twitter correspondent on Sky News and Facebook responds to Twitter challenge

Twitter goes from strength to strength as a breaking news service, so much so that publishers, such as Sky News are employing Twitter correspondents.

Ruth Barnett, Sky news reporter, has taken up the gig and will be tracking down breaking news on Twitter. Good luck Ruth.

Twitter really is going mainstream and challenging other social media tools like Facebook, which are changing their services to meet the challenge.

Yesterday Facebook announced changes that make it easier to follow A-list celebs or political figures on the social networking site. Now its 175 million users will be asked “what’s on your mind?” rather than “What are you doing right now?”

Facebook doesn’t want to cede the thought stream of peoples’ conciousness to Twitter and hence the changes. 

It’ll will be interesting to see how organisations, such as ComputerWeekly and other media companies like the New York Times, use Facebook to distribute their content, which will now be more possible with the public profile option.

I also wonder whether this move will stem the tide of popularity of Twitter, somehow I doubt it.