Top five stories on Computer Weekly last week

Last week’s top five stories on

If you missed them I’ll list them here every week – and it gives you an idea of what everyone else in the senior IT Pro community was interested in as well.

Also if we missed some stories that you wanted us to cover then let me know by email or comment on this blog.

1. Birmingham City Council’s bills unpaid as SAP project falters

2. IP Version 6 switches on

3. HMRC loses billions with fragile software

4. NHS staff have lost more than 4,000 smart cards

5. How Standard Life is using SOA to support its business strategy

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Dear editor,

Re: IP Version 6 switches on

After reading this article, I had to double-check the front cover of the edition. I was reassured to find it still bears the strap-line "Working for IT professionals".

Now, I appreciate that not every "IT professional" is a network specialist, but your use of terms like "internet telephone numbers" and "master address books" made me feel that the article was pitched more at a "Janet and John Go Networking" level than at that of "IT professionals".

More important than any mere feeling of being talked-down to, though, is that the level of over-simplification means you've ended up misdescribing what has happened; these "internet telephone numbers" haven't been "activated"; they have been "active" for ages, and all that is happening now is that they are being "listed" in the "phone book" for the first time.

Did something go wrong here, or is this really the level at which your house style guide recommends your authors to pitch their writing?



Many thanks for your comment. I can ensure you it's not house style to in anyway talk down to our readers, but we do have to write for a broad church, who all have different levels of technical understanding.

I will pass on your comments to the article's author.