Palm Pre v iPhone - what a great gadget review

Just a quick post to flag up my colleague Faisal Alani’s (AKA Inspectagadget) latest gadget review where he pits the Palm Pre against the iPhone in his own witty way.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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I was not acquainted with iTunes but within minutes I saved my first podcast. In the past three weeks, I have loaded numerous podcasts, iTunes U lecutures, e-books and audio books, photos, music, and useful apps with very little effort. The wireless feature is very handy for e-mail, etc. It works well with my Yahoo account. I use Outlook for calendaring and it updates seamlessly to my iTouch calendar. It was money well spent.
What about the iTunes integration? I have a N82 and love it….except the music player app leaves much to be desired, even though I would have to say the quality is better than my iPod.






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