New MacBook and new MacBook Pro to be released tonight

Apple are about to unveil a new MacBook and new MacBook Pro tonight at 6pm (our time) and do you care?

This is a dreadful image of the new MacBook from Mr Blurrycam on


We have just had a massive debate in the office about whether this is important and whether we should care that Apple are bringing out another laptop…. I mean it is only another laptop.

We had wildly different opinions, but for what its worth here’s mine. Yes many people do care, admittedly they are probably Apple-worshippers. And let’s face it if Apple sneezes they care, if Apple shouts they really care, if Apple jumps up-and-down they damn well care soooo much it hurts!

So if Apple brings out a laptop that is priced below $900 I think it is important, not just because its Apple, but because Apple is a brand that people love. It has the style that people love and it backs it up with products that work. Therefore if Apple laptops become more affordable, more people will buy into that.

So more competitively priced Apple laptops – yes this is something I think people do care about …. well they do on Digg’s technology area anyway! What about you do you care? Let us know.