Microsoft isn't happy to play second fiddle to Google in search battle

I agree with my fellow blogger Ian White that it was interesting to hear Steve Ballmer thoughts and expressions of ambition for the software giant this week.

He admitted in his video interview with the BBC that Microsoft had rather missed the boat when it comes to search, well the advertising gravy steamer, anyway. Although he believes that Microsoft is equal to Google when it comes to search technology.

Too right, the Google gravy boat was well truly out of the dock, before Microsoft awoke to the advertising model that is presented. However, while the video suggests that is where story ends, BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan Jones blogs a more indepth interview in which Ballmer says that search hasn’t innovated in the past five to six years and the Microsoft are prepared to take Google on.

Anyway pleased to say that along with the BBC and the FT, was the only business website to get the gig with Ballmer. You can read Cliff Saran’s Steve Ballmer interview and Where does Microsoft go now news analysis here.

I am really intrigued about how the search battle will work out. The FT reports Google’s new European research search hubs to take on Google in Europe, following the collapse of the Yahoo deal earlier this year and also Microsoft’s air miles style marketing promotion of Live search in the US.

I can’t wait to see the battle unfold, but I just can’t see these marketing ploys working, that’s too gimmicky to me.