It's all in the name - "Microhoo"

What I love about these really hot stories is that a new name soon develops. In the case of Microsoft and Yahoo becoming part of the same family, the blogosphere has been going mad, and not surprisingly some genius concocted the unimaginative, but nevertheless logical “Microhoo”.

Well whatever you may think about the story – it’s not going away and the noise continues.

Not wanting to be left out we have added our ten pence too….. Cliff Saran’s authoritative analysis Microsoft buys into online vision with Yahoo bid should help out end users, who want to know what this all means to them.

If you want to catch up with what the chatter has been on the blogs then don’t miss this What you are all missing about Google post from Scobelizer.

And in case you hadn’t seen it yet – Microsoft’s press release response crammed full of legal jargon to Google’s earlier statement.