Inside the exhibition at Infosec 2009

So what is Infosec? This is my first time here and I was expecting a very boring exhibition with a load of old men in suits telling me about how I should be keeping my company’s data secure.

It should be but it most certainly isn’t.

The only way to describe Infosec is that it’s like a small funfair with lots of information on secure computing thrown in. That sounds mad and maybe a slight exaggeration but if you wander around without any specifics then it’s great.

So far today I have seen three magic shows, won a toy car after playing ‘Play your cards right’, sat in a Back to the future DELOREAN (probably the highlight of my day), raced around a track on a sedgway and been approached by A LOT of scantily clad women telling me all about security.

Thankfully I have a wonderful and beautiful girlfriend so their advances were quickly turned down BUT it has certainly changed my mind about how they go about informing you on all the serious issues in security.

I’ll upload a photo story tomorrow to demonstrate my point.

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