Infosec 2008 - what's going on on day one

Infosec 2008 - me and our cameraman Trevor Day one and we have busy rushing around a very warm Olympia filming interviews. Overall for us it has been a good day, but hard work! In between the video work there isn’t much chance to catch up with any big announcements.

I posted earlier about the fact that a Government survey found that more outsiders are being found on the inside of company’s networks and beyond the firewall.

Employees as always remain a high risk and lost and stolen kit remains a key reason for security breaches, particularly as more of us use laptops and take confidential data home on our hard drives and then leave their bag in the luggage compartment of the train, as I very nearly did this morning!

Aside from the usual threats from inside the loss of data and data theft has become a much bigger issue in the last 12 months, particularly since the UK government recorded a series of high profile data losses last year.

Never mind all this work stuff… one thing that intrigued me was the various inventive methods used by vendors to get you to visit your stand or for them to grab your details for their databses.

Enjoy the pics

Policewoman scan your details for the company just visible in the background

Infosec 2008

Just as sexy for some – a Ferrari track day at NCipher

Infosec 2008 - yeh its a Ferrari

And a free IT health check from a couple of nurses…

Infosec 2008