Given the global economic meltdown what will be the biggest challenges for IT in 2009?

A thread on LinkedIn posted by Marc W, who works for Enterprise Mobility at Ayuda!, asks what will be the biggest challenges facing IT in 2009, given the state of the economic crisis.

A pertinent question given than IT is starting to feel the credit crunch bite now.

One common theme was the need for IT to demonstrate Return on Investment as this will ensure that the board don’t slash IT budgets because they don’t know what IT is contributing to the bottom line.

Running the IT department as a business in its own right and not as a cost centre was a theme that I heard many times yesterday at a seminar session on the changing role of the CIO. (We will be posting a video on this soon!!)

Others on the LinkedIn thread were not so downcast about the future for IT departments, believing the the IT department will be the focus of driving cost savings across the business and the main driver of business innovation and change.

What do you think? Which way will it go? And what will be the biggest challenges that your IT department faces next year?