F1 game winner is a car-game-oholic

Congrats to Steve Gasson, a software programmer from Kent, who was crowned the winner of ComputerWeekly’s F1 racing game with a winning time of 20.37 seconds.

Steve translates user requirements into detailed specifications doing his day job but is a car nut outside of work. He said: 

I’ve been playing driving games for as long as I can remember, I think I maybe a car-game-oholic if there is such a thing! I was going to say I started out by playing Spyhunter and Outrun on the Commodore 64 but actually I remember playing a text-based driving games before that on an Apple II. (Now showing my age!) The goal of those was to keep the a character e.g the letter A between two other characters probably I characters which represented the edges of the track.

The graphics and controllers may be more fancy these days but the same reactions and skill that was needed back then hasn’t really changed. The Computer Weekly game was more like the games of old, so perfect for me, I played it solid for a few evenings and a weekend, it took a while to get a perfect flying lap where the other cars were positioned just right and to hit all the apexes and turbo boosts without spinning off the track.

Steve is a big motorsport fan and F1, so he will hopefully enjoy his well earned prize of Silverstone driving experience. He added:

I’m really looking forward to my Silverstone driving experience, its something I’ve always wanted to do, but would never have treated myself. I’ll be preparing by learning the Silverstone track layout using Ferrari Challenge on the Wii (yes another car game!).

Congrats again Steve and we’ll look forward to sharing your photos from your F1 driving experience at Silverstone with the rest of the audience.

In the meantime, you can carry on playing the F1 game until your heart’s content – although you can’t win the prize.