Email: is it on the way out?

I have heard a lot of people say recently that email is on the way out and no longer an effective means of communication. Too many emails and too many clogged inboxes is making email ineffective.

I’ve heard a few people say that they believe that the direct mail function of twitter is a far better mode of communication and more effective and I do agree with that in part. I know that I am more likely to respond to a DM on twitter than to every email I receive.

Being a website editor I get a serious amount of email, largely from PRs and much of it doesn’t warrant opening let alone responding to.

However, having read this piece on dealing with insane amounts of email , I can see that there are quite a few things that I could be doing to make me a more effective emailer. This would reduce the amount of time, I spend searching for mails that I should respond to that have got buried in the morass.

So time to follow these top five tips and clean up my inbox. I also agree with the point made that emails should be kept short… five sentences is the optimum length according to marketing guru Guy Kawasaki. I agree, shorter is better.  

Anyway in response to my earlier question, I think email has a fair way to go yet, but yes of course it is less effective – a victim of its own success maybe. But perhaps some of that is down to our own mismanagement, I mean you don’t buy a car and expect it to drive itself.