Computer Weekly's bloggers get back to the blogface for 2008

Happy New Year! How do you think 2008 will shape up? Our bloggers have been hard at work future-gazing over the festive period to provide you with some predictions for the year ahead…

David Bicknell sees a year of opportunity approaching for users of RFID technology and uncovers a new social network for those interested in RFID – the RFID Tribe.

Meanwhile, David Lacey notes that 2007 was a black year for privacy and predicts a difficult 2008 for information security professionals, with growing risks matched by growing scrutiny.

Risk management blogger Stuart King highlights one particular risk – the shadow economy in malware – in his New Year entry, and suggests some positive reading to counter the gloom with his round-up of information security and risk management blogs that help him to do his job.

Over on the Collaboration 2.0 blog, Ian White and Michael Pincher return from their holiday job helping Santa in time to wave goodbye to an old friend before looking forward to acquaintances new.

Finally, Philip Virgo takes a giddying look over the precipice of data security distrust and urges IT professionals to take a stand now to prevent the collapse of public trust in the online world.