Commentable Digital Britain report goes online... good approach to collaboration

The Government may have only scored five out of 10 for its Digital Britain report last week, but it scores highly in the collaboration stakes for getting a commentable version of the Digital Britain report online.

Team DB says on the Digital Britain forum that after much copying and pasting they have got a commentable version live but:

“Please remember that the final report has, of course, been published – so this isn’t an opportunity to alter the report itself. However, it does give you the chance to provide suggestions to how the report might be implemented.”

You may not be able to change the Government’s direction in establishing Britain as a leader in digital communications and industry, but at least you can have your four pennies worth in how the report should be implemented.

So good marks for collaboration, openness and transparency after the report has been published, shame that the report could not have been produced in such a way in the first place, and then it may have received a better reception.

I haven’t had a chance to look at the detail of the commentable version that has gone live, but it will be interesting to see the approach it takes on the remaining 51 remaining decisions the Digital Britain report has left open to consultation. 

General feeling has been that while the report may be good for consumers, particularly if it does result in delivering a high-speed digital communications infrastructure far quicker than the ponderous pace of delivery at the moment, it’s case for benefiting network providers and business, maybe harder to prove. 

One sector that certainly feels aggrieved is the network providers with the report going a long to maintaining the stranglehold that BT and Virgin have on the providing the infrastructure. It’s not so much about competition, more ensuring there is a level playing field that allows other companies to compete or Heaven forbid “collaborate”!

But congratulations to the Director of Digital Engagement and his team for getting this collaborative version of the report online – people are commenting already, so I’m sure this approach will be a success.