Bringing IT leaders and tech startups together

There’s a lot of buzz around the technology startup scene and the Tech City area in east London. There are great strides being made in Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff and Newcastle, where technology startup hubs are developing new organisations.

But mostly, we hear about consumer-focused startups building apps for mobile and social media.

That’s why Computer Weekly has started to look at the technology startup scene from the CIO’s perspective.

You can download our special digital magazine issue on tech startups here, or read all the content we’ve produced on the topic online here.

At the best of times, innovating with technology is a challenge for IT leaders and even more so in a sluggish economy, when much of the focus is on cost control. It’s hard for many decision-makers to find the time to research technology startups and identify the creative small companies with innovative ideas that could add value to corporate IT.

That’s why so many IT managers end up relying on their incumbent suppliers, many of whom remain in the slow lane when it comes to genuine innovation.

With the growth of cloud, startups now have access to computing facilities and software tools that would have been beyond their reach only a few years ago.

And they are putting it to good use – there are plenty of emerging startups, focused on business technology and the needs of CIOs, who just need an introduction to IT buyers who recognise the innovation that can come from taking a different approach.

Similarly, those CIOs need a better way to find out more about how to find and work with startups.

We hope we can help.

Over the coming months, Computer Weekly will publish profiles of a wide range of business-focused technology startups, introducing the innovations they bring to IT leaders. If you’re a startup looking to push your products to a corporate IT market, get in touch – we are keen to talk to you.

IT managers looking for new ideas and fresh thinking would benefit from taking the time to reach out to startups and find out how they can help deliver innovation for your organisation.