Apple Refresh Mac Mini, Mac Pro and iMac

Following an unannounced, yet highly speculated that it was approaching website store maintenance run, Apple has today introduced a refresh to all its desktop products.

The Mac Mini has been given a larger hard drive, a proper dual core 2.0 intel chip, and the integrated graphics are a thing of the past, with the addition of the 9400M Nvidia graphics card. The base level product retails at £499.

The iMac family has had a big change as well, with an increase in the entry level processor speed to 2.66Ghz for a 20″ iMac, with 2 gig of RAM and a new 9400M graphics card from NVidia, along with a 320Gig hard drive. The new entry level iMac retails for £949.

Last but by no means least is the refresh of the MacPro – boasting new chips, and boasting up to 2.4x faster than existing MacPro’s, this line is the flagship of the Mac family. The entry level MacPro starts at £1899.