17 days of Christmas book give-away

ComputerWeekly.com is celebrating the 17 days of Christmas by giving away a book a day for the next 17 working days before Christmas.

We’re stopping at 17 for several reasons; we only have 17 books to give away; we don’t think that good old Royal Mail will get the book to you before Christmas after that date; and finally and most importantly we hope to be on holidays from 21 December onwards.

So how does the competition work?

Each day we will ask a question on twitter – the only rules are that the question is topical – if you can answer the question, you email your response to: [email protected].

A winner will be selected each day from those who answer the question correctly.

Day 17 – 22 December

How much has Twitter made from deals with Microsoft and Google?

Day 16 – 21 December

Which large website has been criticised today for tax avoidance?

Day 15 – 18 December
Who is the president of Oracle?

Day 14 – 17 December
What year did AOL buy Time Warner?

Day 13 – 16 December
Who is ComputerWeeklys Editor-In-Chief?

Day 12 – 15 December
How long is this week’s ComputerGeekly video?

Day 11 – 14 December
What’s the name of the hack used by criminals to block Cofee?

Day 10 – 11 December
What accounted for 19% of computer security breaches in 2009?

Day 9 – 10 December
Which IT company recently narrowly averted striek action?

Day 7 – 9 December
How many security bulletins were released by Microsoft in 2006?

Day 6 – 8 December
Where is ASIACrypt being held this year? 

Day Five – 7 December
Which call centre software has “Which” magazine recently announced a deal to move to?

Day four – 4 December
Which well known IT supplier faces strike action?

Day three – 3 December
Which well known UK institution plans to become a bank?

Day two – 2 December 
Q2. How many users does Facebook have now?
Prize: Schneier on Security by Bruce Schneier 

Day one – 1 December
Q1. Which UK personality was the most searched for on Google in the UK this year?
Prize: A signed copy of Claude Roeltgen’s IT’s hidden face.
“If you are a business manager who needs to work successfully with IT, or if you are an IT professional who needs to be able to explain why something can be installed in 10 minutes, but success demands many more steps before and after that, this book is for you.”