UK business has its collective head stuck up its collective posterior

thumb_white.gifAccording to a new survey the ‘Majority of UK businesses miss out on instant messaging benefits because of security fears – ProcessOne‘.

In this survey ‘ 72% of UK businesses have banned the use of public instant messaging (IM) software, such as MSN, AIM and Yahoo!, because of security fears‘. This appears to be more like King Canute trying to stem the tide rather facing up to reality by providing proper tools and enabling secure, logged and scanned gateways from inside the Enterprise to the Public IM providers.
With sites like Meebo facilitating pure web based solutions the corporate gatekeepers better being on their guard as locking down IM is not as simple as it might seem at first.
The report also highlights the patchy knowledge of the regulatory requirements associated with IM alongside a Neanderthal view that ‘ the company won’t use internal IM so we will ban the lot”.
A Michael has started quoting songs in his blog I give you Peter, Paul and Mary: ‘ When will they ever learn?’

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