The key message from Web 2.0

thumb_white.gifLast week I spent much of my ‘after pool’ time reading up on what was coming out of the Web 2.0 conference. Load and loads of stuff attracted my attention, however right now as I sit in a damp Cafe Nero in London, the key message that came across (to me) in a loud and clear voice was Ray Ozzie’s pronouncement for support of OS’s other than Microsoft’s own.

This was of course greeted with howls of derision from those who have been both the benefactors or victims of Microsoft prior behaviour. I know Ray and I know his commitment to standards (proprietary and open), cross platform and scaleable solutions is fundamental of the man.

Time alone will tell, the scoffers may be right, my bet it that the model developing in Redmond right now is based on a broader appeal outside of its traditional patch and whether it controlled by MS or by some holier than though open-standards body will be moot to the outcome.

Love or hate Microsoft it is not smart to treat their stated directions with disdain.