The First Hundred Days

I’ve just been asked what new CIOs should do in their first hundred days, or even those review their straegy for a new decade

For 30 days, do nothing — except listen. Talk to your

staff, customers, vendors, management and consultants. Review audit management

issues; learn the status of systems and new initiatives.

Days 31 to 60. Choose whom to trust, develop a plan of

action based on all you have learned. Carefully share parts of the plan as you

go along by communicating the firm parts while testing otrhers befor finalising.

Days 61 to 90. Share your plan with all. Get feedback and

modify it. Then let your team know that once the plan is “done” these

will be their marching orders.

Days 91 to 99. Share the completed plans with everyone who

will listen — vendors, staff, peers, senior management. People need to know

where you’re going if you want them behind you. On 100, publish a high-level

plan showing the sequence of all the major initiatives and begin to execute and

communicate as appropriate.

From there on lead — don’t be like the French Revolutionary,

Alexandre Ledru-Rollin who on seeing the storming of the Bastille said “There go

the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader.”