Surprise, surprise

thumb_white.gifPowitaninia od Polski (or Greetings from Poland). Warsaw is a great Capital City, Since the fall of Communism Warsaw has modernised, the food is very international and the hotels are very modern.

Yesterday I checked in to the Marriot. It had been a long day starting in Budapest and ending here in Poland. I was tired and longing for a long hot bath and was grateful to get a nice room on the 23rd Floor.

You know what it is like, you traipse down a long hall, dragging your case behind you, put your key in the lock and usually instead of flinging the door open you end up back in reception with a key that does not work.

Not last night, I got to my door, it flung open as I wished and Iwas faced with the vision of two young ladies in a fairly low level of dress in front of me as they were obviously getting ready to go out for the evening. They were as shocked to see me as I was to see them in ‘my’ room.

It is interesting to observe how long it took me to register this unexpected situation (I suspect around two seconds) and my feelings at that time (why were they in my room?) but I am glad to say I acted to the gentlemanly way, closed the door and got a complimentary upgrade from the hotel for the ‘distress’ I suffered.