Social Networking for Business

thumb_white.gifA lot of discussion in and around our industry Is focussed on the impact of Social Networking. Is this was Collaboration 2.0 what this is all about, I think not. If we continue to use this phrase as a product classification for Collaboration 2.0 a number of things may happen

1. The outside world will perceive Collsboration 2.0 as a ‘lightweight’ and frivolous product

2. Why use vendor tools when you can use other social networking tools for ‘free’

3. The business value and role within an Enterprise of web based Collaboration 2.0 will be extemely hard to position

What else could this be called? this blog post suggests SNB (Social Networking for Business), but will could call is Collaborative Netwoking or some other handle. Suggestion welcome – I do think Social Networking by itself mis-positions what we are trying to achieve.