Schindlers lifts

thumb_white.gifYes, I know its an old joke but I have just experienced a new class of lift and I just HAVE to share this.

I am sitting in a new office complex just outside Brussels where jumping into a lift from the 9th (top) floor and heading for the ground floor is just not an option.

Inside the lift there are NO buttons to select floors!

The external lift call pad has buttons 0 thru 9, you have to select the floor you want, it then displays a letter A through to D which corresponds to a lift door. Then you go and wait by the door for the lift to arrive and let it take you to your preselected floor. No changing your mind mid-stream.

Even when a lift arrived on the 9th floor at point A, I had to wait for a minute or so for my lift to arrive at point D to take a ride to the 0 level!

All we need now to do is have it demand you swipe your credit card at the time of selecting your destination, then it can charge you for the journey based upon the amount of energy you have consumed, tell you your wieght on egress and suggest you take the stairs for a healthier lifestyle.

Its a brave new world!

Going down


Many thanks to the Sirius Cybernetiics Corporation