Road Blocks for Road Warriors

thumb_chapman_pincher.gif Accessing useful sites on the internet through guest networks or hot spots is becoming something of a frustration. With Enterprise Content Filtering ever more sophisticated, a lot of the sites deemed ‘social’ are on restricted lists. How these filters get put in place can be something of a minefield. I know. I’ve walked through one.

For example; you might allow access to a site which you perceive as OK, only to find complaints from people with another orientation who have found their preferred sites are barred because of a more explicit nature of the content. Rather than negotiate the treacherous areas of equal rights, some organisations are putting a blanket ban on social networking per se.

Wikipedia has a good list of filter categories. I am sure the one most doctors would like to see enforced is to

Prevent people who are hypochondriacs from viewing websites related to health concerns.

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