Recession-proof website # Tip 3 Assess External Factors

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for thumb_chapman_pincher.gifDoes your business sector lead or lag a recession cycle? For example, I.T. is usually hit early as it’s an easy budget to cut by stopping projects. If your firm was around in past recessions, how deeply was it affected compared to other industries and your competitors so, historically, what is your sector’s reliance on technology?

Critically, how are your customers buying decisions going to change. Will they postpone purchases, negotiate discounts or seek cheaper suppliers? Understand how they define value and make sure your web site enhances that value without diluting your company image or brand.

Estimating demand will be difficult as it will vary. Some sectors are price sensitive others will prefer less bells & whistles. Make sure your website appeals to the businesses likely to still be spending, for example, the public sector?