Mystic Mickey and the Smarty Swami preview 2008

Computer Weekly editorial team has asked its bloggers to answer the following questions:


o What will be the dominant item on the CIO agenda in 2008?

o How will the predicted economic slowdown in 2008 impact IT professionals in the UK?

o What issues do you think will emerge around managing the ‘Web 2.0 generation’?

We lit a hookah and after entering the zone came up with a shimmering view of next year……

Swami White My inner itch is feeling that extended security is going to be high on the agenda. It is always easy to poke fun at the Government for there inept handing of data but in reality their victims have no comeback when it comes to compensation. The commercial sector that is a another matter, if a similar debacle was uncovered with a bank, insurance or utility company well… remember it is always the lawyers that win! What is your view Mystic Mickey?thumb_white.gif

Mystic Mickey The trouble with security is that the ‘y generation’ don’t get it. Look at the number of BlackBerrys, phones, ipods, and credit cards etc that are left or lifted every night. This is not a lost but a loss generation. Commodity items are disposable and so is the data that goes with them. As with all good commodities the fix needs to be in the products not with the user – they don’t care. So I predict I’ll be on the Dragon’s Den with a gizmo they’ll be bidding their eye teeth for.

Swami White The trouble is that in the Den technology tends to be looked on as the work of the Devil.. however moving on to the Devil incarnate (ie our economy) in my view the IT sector in many areas has already felt the slowdown that the rest of the economy is going to experience. I predict that effect will be for CIOs to further delay IT investments as budgets are squeezed but all is not gloom – projects that can deliver real bottom line benefits will get support and push both from IT and the business

Mystic Mickey Let 2008 be the year there are no IT projects; just business projects with an IT element. That will require a whole lot of old farts retiring. The ones that refuse to get ‘technology’. Fortunately, with the march of time it’s inevitable – some will be put out to pasture. So let’s hear it for the organisation that sees the IT department as an enabling department, or a sort of digital stationery cupboard where people can come and rummage round for the right kit for the job.

Swami White Digital stationary cupboard, could be a dangerous place during our virtual Christmas party! So what about the last question regarding new technology waves. My crystal ball says that the Web 2.0 generation cannot be ‘managed’, they will determine the needs, issues and opportunities that the collection of technologies that make up 2.0 (and above) will be put to.. I know in the gamut of predictions this is a cop out but I believe there is no sensible forward vision in this arena that can be made for 2008

Mystic Mickey Referring back to people that don’t get things. Let’s get the weather. I sat next to a Climate Trend Analyst recently – scary stuff. So I predict that the Web 2.0 generation will pick up the ‘search for survival baton’ and hope they create collaborative technology mash-ups that generate positive ideas and solutions to stem the flood tide.

Swarmi White I reckon 2008 will be garbage – in fact a little bird has told me this is where emerging technology and systems will focus, waste management, recycling and related stuff. So it comes back to one of the oldest and truest statements from your home territory – ‘where there is muck, there is money’