More on Linkedin (less ads please)

thumb_white.gifAfter recent blogs on Plaxo, Twitter and Facebook I thought I was duty bound to spend some time on Linkedin. To be honest the UI has improved greatly over the last few months but it still feels a little bit of a mess. I can’t help wondering about these types of inline advert supported sites and their ongoing viability in a business world.

My contention is that instead of charging money for additional features, the revenue should be generated as an incentive for the delivery of an ad-free environment. The BBC is considering this model for outside of the UK access to its web content, free access with ads, clean access with subscription.

However Linkedin really does provide a worthwhile function, looking up people (seeing where they have landed over time), finding contacts in new businesses and getting advice are all worthwhile services. The big difference is that I visit Plaxo on a daily basis and my Address book iis constantly updated by Plaxo’s update agent, Linkedin get a visit from me maybe once every two weeks at best becuase its is just not as compelling

A merger of these two services would be really neat delivering much more of a ‘soup to nuts’ solution.