Losing the best (just remember what happened last time)


The ripple effect (or is that tsunami) of the the current financial crisis is starting to be felt on the shores of the tech industry. Over the last 20 years we have had a number of downturns that have affected technology. Through the 80s and early 00s mini and maxi recessions have hit IT and sometimes the outcomes are good, sometimes they are bad,. 
One of the most detrimental facets of these down-turns has been the loss of some great people from the industry as these smart people reckon that safe work outside our hallowed halls makes more sense than being on the bleeding edge of a cost cutting knife.
Time alone will tell how all this bad news is going to affect us, one way or another there will be an affect. How many banks, businesses or manufacturing industries fail or are forced to merge will cause yet another outflow of talent into the world outside of geekdom.

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