Keeping our collective nerves

thumb_white.gifI left home this morning contemplating the content of this post. It was going to be about how all our collaborative and web 2.0 technology could make the financial and economic crisis go away – but today’s turmoil shows that they can’t.

The only solution is people. People at the top – People in the middle – People living at the bottom and their behaviour. In some respects the whole crisis and its causes looks like a business that has got out of control. I am sure we have all seen it – these are some of the indicators:
  • A series of momentous and strategic statements from the CEO
  • In-fighting at the board level
  • Projects which are based on great ideas but are not thought through, funded or properly staffed
  • Middle management that are not quite sure what to do, so do nothing
  • The masses looking upwards and wondering what the hell is going on
This all seems fairly familiar and in my experience the only way these sort of problems get repaired will be through proper and radical leadership, harsh medicine and time to win the war. Yes, war because to all intents we are in one now – and the enemy is fear and it has to be defeated.

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Rather than asbestos -- scratchy, stiff, disease causing stuff that it is -- I strongly recommend either gnomex or carbon fiber. I have gnomex hood that wear with my gear that is quite soft and comfortable, yet allows me to walk right up to bonfires without feeling any heat on my face at all. Just a tip from your friendly firefighter.
That makes no sense at all. I have no idea what this page is supposed to be about. It looks like there's a page missing or something
Fair point James, title changed and re-published - Andrew of course got the somewhat arcane mental process I was grappling with last night!