Jack Bauer, CTU - where are you now that San Francisco needs you

thumb_white.gifBeep-bop, Beep-bop – If CTU were on the case then with a swift ‘open a port’, a few keystrokes and the locked-out San Francisco city network would be re-opened and passwords reset. 

But this is reality and according to Network World:

Last Sunday, Terry Childs, a network administrator employed by the City of San Francisco, was arrested and taken into custody, charged with four counts of computer tampering. He remains in jail, held on $5 million bail. News reports have depicted a rogue admin taking a network hostage for reasons unknown“. 

To me this highlights a number of issues, three of which are:
  • How dumb smart people can be (often IT Management)
  • How secure commercially available equipment and software is
  • How much internal threats out-weigh external threats
Terry should now be thinking about giving up the codes. Throwing a wobbly because somebody has broken your favourite coffee mug is probably not a good reason to hold a city to ransom. He might get re-classified as an urban terrorist and from there it is only a small step to  a visit to the Guantanamo Water Park .

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