I've grown accustomed to your interface

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for thumb_chapman_pincher.gifApologies to My Fair Lady, but Ian wrote ‘Does the world hate Lotus Notes? Well I bear the scars from an organisation that did.

I introduced Notes into Crossrail as part of a tech upgrade connecting distributed offices that Exchange could not manage (at the time). It was a well thought through implementation that never went wrong. Users were given sufficient training and the technical and business benefits clearly explained. However, amongst certain Exec’s the whingeing never died down – and these were people who’s Secys and Staffers could scarcely use Word or Excel. I was even accused by someone of having taken a bribe from IBM for putting Notes in.

Why? I can only recall that in the early days of the tech boom (when Microsoft shares were cheap by comparison to IBM’s) many CIO, CTO etc in both the US and Europe eschewed Notes’ technical supremacy in order to leverage their personal investment by introducing Exchange. Whether an investment is emotional or financial, it will overcome all reason.