It's not personal - it's tribal

I have never really fit in. Always been the wrong colour, class or creed. I’ve only just realised why. It’s not personal but a tribal thing. Last night I sat through an amusing review by comedian/singer Malcolm Stent. It was in the West Midlands and all the barbed jokes were about non-brummies. The Birmingham centric audience loved it. It was a call – not to arms – but into the arms of familiarity. I suspect we’ll see more of it. The comfort of the known – what can be trusted.  

The deep seated prejudices that lies beneath the veneer of civilisation have been, in many case, legislated out of the corporate enterprise. However, tribalism still remains endemic from Masonry to professional association via life-style proclivity, people stick together and look after their own.

It’s also one of the barriers to collaboration. Asking folk to collaborate with people they don’t intuitively trust creates resistance. Protecting the tribe is primal and people are going back to their roots. The only tribe I’ve ever belonged to were the hippies. Time to get the tie dye out.