Iberia Customer Service: Oxymoron

thumb_white.gifI have travelled with Spain’s flag carrier on a number of journey’s recently and I have to say I am not impressed. Yes I am out the ‘back’ but paying a ‘Y’ class full fare is not cheap.

Practically everything you wish to consume is charged for, I felt that if the toilet could be converted to pay as you go then I would have to spend a few Euro’s to spend a penny.
On Wednesday at the Heathrow Gulag (terminal 2) I was give a harsh ‘no’ when I asked to fly on an earlier (and emptyish) flight to Madrid. The English guy on the gate was trying to be helpful but the faceless ones in the office declined to value a happy flier.
The result is this blog entry, telling the world (or the small bit of the world that reads it) what a poor service Iberia offers and a chance to warn off a few unsuspecting customers.
I was going to compare this experience to Ryanair or Easyjet but at least you know what you are in for when flying with budget carriers. They should all check out JetBlue in the US in my opinion.

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bought airline ticket with despegar.com.mx on may 4th going to lyon (fra) from mexico city with a specific schedule. After a while and not receiving confirmation regarding my flight and paymente I contacted customer service to learn that my flight was canceled and that they would send me a mail regarding my situation. Again, after days of not receiving mail from them, i contacted them again and insisted to have this mail rightaway while on the phone with them to make sure I ll receive total atention from them. At that moment i realied that their service could not be trust. After reading my new schedule, I was satisfied with it and decide d to operate cancelation. Unfortunalty, impossible thing to do as the tickets are not refundable, even thougt the changes are not coming from me but despegar.com.mx. With no opcions, I have to get going with the new flight schedule. Again, with a poor, very poor customer service (and i choose carefuly my words) a supervisor named Selene Zamudio contacted me to advise my new schedule with numbers and codes that I can even guess the meaning of it. Till today, I still havent receive a confirmation payment with despegar.com.mx and I am requesting a clearer and more understable flight itinary and schedule. Since despegar mexico has no interes to do their job I m contacting anywone who can help with those requests. I am a cliente, i paid a service and Im not getting it. Its obvious, that despegar.com.mx are not trained and have no interest in doing a good job with care for clientes. the worst thing is the people in charge of those very same people dont seem better. Im quiet preoccuped for my flight as I ve been discovering on the net that many negative comments are surroundind despegar.com.mx and its poor quality service. Im flying soon, and as a paying customer I want to be sure that I wont have any problem. So again, hopefully, someone will answer my questions. thanx for your attention