I want to go back to skool

thumb_chapman_pincher.gifSometimes it’s hard to keep enthusiastic about technology – too much same ‘ole same ‘ole. Often though, just as my interest wanes, fate plays a hand in its regeneration. I spent last Friday at the educational technology show at Olympia (Bettshow) https://www.bettshow.com. It was interesting for a number of reasons; 1) It was packed. 2) The delegates and exhibitors were from every sex, colour and creed. 3) The stuff on show was remarkable. Teachers it seems, if budgets permit, get to use all the good stuff.

I’m still reeling from the sheer scale of what’s available but to categories what’s relevant to collaboration, and schools are the first taste to many of what collaborating means, I’ll start with the white board. These are now so sophisticated that every business should have one. Coming with a range of tools from brainstorming and mind mapping, to interactive training/learning modules and digital publishing programmers, these presentation suites support teachers and students from early years through higher education on to industry and commerce http://www.prometheanlearning.com. Second up were the collaboration tools from lesson and room scheduling to global e-learning packages http://www.firstclass.com. The third growth area was multi-media publishing tools making every student or teacher into their own content generator http://www.numu.org.uk . One small darkened room marked ‘This way to the future’ was breathtaking…but that’s a blog entry on its own – watch this space!