Entering the Beehive - be careful you don't get stung!

thumb_white.gifOracle are at it again, over a number of years they have tried to become a ‘player’ in the messaging / collaboration market. Yesterday they announced Beehive, their latest attempt to get a piece of this sweet, sweet market.

Gartner has struck a cautious note with reference to previous attempts that have come and gone from Oracle. However the references to the success of Microsoft’s Sharepoint underlines the effect that product is having amongst competitor companies. 
Information Week emphasises the important role security will have as part of the Beehive offering, something all of the commercial collaborative community fully understands. The ability to make inroads into this community will need Oracle to show long term commitment and innovation that others are not already delivering or about to deliver.
Good luck Beehive, however its not going to be easy.
Thanks to Glenn for bringing my attention to Beehive.
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So then does Oracle own the Beehive name for the collaboration tools or IBM since they use this name internally
Internal use is no use if not trade marked / copyrighted. Could be fun though!