Empty promises and broken dreams

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for thumb_chapman_pincher.gifWebsites, like rust, never sleep, so how oxidised are the page impressions you offer-up to your visitors? Did you put up your site in the good times? Does it now reflect the changed commercial environment? If not, your corporate image may look as tarnished as an old rust bucket.

While you don’t have any control of the recession, you can optimise what you do control by building a recession-proof Web site. Firstly, get someone independent to take a look and make an assessment. Secondly, take soundings from the departments or disciplines represented on your site and see how they see the world and what their priorities are. Too many sites are making promises that no longer ring true. It could look like your just whistling in the dark if your organisation doesn’t reflect the new reality.

So what makes a recession proof web site? There are words that shouldn’t be used i.e. jargon that doesn’t wash. Images that shouldn’t be seen, for example, picture’s that paint too rosy a picture. It’s all about finding the right resonance – a line somewhere between sunlit uplands and soup kitchens. A site that converts better will decrease cost per acquisition and, in turn, will increase marketing spend efficiency. A site improved for conversion can withstand economic storms.

Optimising your site should be a scientific process that is accountable, efficient, and measurable. It should be one that gives your existing customers confidence, attracts what new business can be had and critically one that your staff can believe in. Over the next few days I shall be blogging in more detail about what can be done to achieve a rust proof web presence.