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In a world obsessed with measuring things and trying to predict the future on a quantitative basis, recent events have shown it’s a flawed strategy. In most organisations the mantras of “Show me the numbers” and “If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t count.” form the basis of management practice.

With an economy wrecked by people that knew the price of everything but the value of nothing, we need to stop obsessing about measurement. We now know that the most important aspect of the

problem we’re working on just might be something we can’t measure. It’s time to kill off  management by spreadsheet.

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I've worked with business people that didn't use numbers to manage their business and, believe me, the results weren't pretty. The problem is not using numbers to manage, it's the lack of understanding about what the numbers mean. The economy was wrecked by people who didn't bother to find out what the figures they were using actually meant.