Don't be a swine - enable your crew

With Swine Flu in the up it’s time to dust of your working from home policy and make sure it covers staying away from work if there’s infection about your domain. Make sure that HR are comfortable with it and communicate it to your staff. Make sure that you’ve enabled technology such as call forwarding and videoconferencing to make remote work feasible and effective. Working from home isn’t without it’s challenges so pay attention to building working relationships, establishing trust, and encouraging collaboration.

There is a business continuity platform worth looking at called Wamey and Imjack. It is useful as a contingency tool with regards to any potential pandemic, adverse weather or acts of terrorism. The platform has a number of tools that allows a business/education institution to carry on seamlessly. Take a look at the demo links below.

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Interesting you should refer to Amteus plc's products. A balanced view of risk would surely include the notion that putting one's eggs all in one basket presents its own dangers. Transferring risk is a common mitigation tactic, but one must assess the business continuity provisions of this and any other hosting provider. Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and Google also offer noteworthy conservative options.
We have been looking at a number of business continuity platforms including all of the platforms mentioned by Jim. I have actually had a meeting with JD connect and the price I have been quoted for the Wamey platform is considerably less that all the main platform providers; so therefore we may consider the wamey platform.
I have had a look at the Wamey platform and it looks pretty straight forward; I will be contacting these guys in the near future to get some more information. Does anybody have a contact for these guys?
I have done some research and the product seems interesting. There's more info on there website & they can be contacted on 0870 836 8700. The helpdesk where able to answer all my technical queries
My wife's a teacher and her school has implemented Imjack. She seems to find it useful and has mentioned how it is being lined up to be used if the flu pandemic closes there school.