Death by a thousand Cuts

Gordon Brown stated that he wants to cut ‘unnecessary projects.’ Leaving the question aside of why — after controlling the levers of power as Chancellor and then as PM, there are such targets at all, what project won’t get cut – why the revenge ones of course.

I shared a cab the other day with a Treasury Official, who on knowing my involvement as Former Head of IT for Crossrail with a big government project, said that while HMG took the short-term political credit for getting the Crossrail Act onto the statute book they knew the long-term fall-out of the inevitable cost overrun of the estimated £16 Billion bill would land on the next administration -“Just like they’d done to us with the Dome.”

With some Crossrail politically appointed consultants paid up to £3,500 per day to work there, it’s time to pull the plug on a ‘revenge’ project and save the taxpayer from funding politico-tribal wars.