Windows 7 top tips

I’ve been looking at Windows 7 RC1 for a couple of months and it seems OK.. With the final product available, should we all upgrade? Here are my tips on upgrading.

1. Check your desktop PC spec. Vista-ready machines should be fine, but if you are running Windows XP, you may have compatibility issues. Before you do anything, though, backup your system drive (normally c:) onto a USB hard disk drive. If thiogs go badly wrong, you can restore your old operating system from this backup.

2. Windows 7 will support a lot of stuff out of the box, when it is first installed, but after installation, you may find some things stop working.

3. If things are not quite right make sure you have the latest ATI or Nvidia graphcs card drivers  from their respective web sites. Similarily, Creative Labs and most PC card manufacturers will have download sites. You should search for Windows 7 drivers.

4. Now check your PC peripherals. The keyboard, mouse and monitor should work fine, but again it is worth checking if the manufacturer has updated river software for Windows 7. You will also need to ensure that you have the latest device drivers for you printer and scanner and whatever else plugs into your PC..

5. Finally, older applications and PC games may be unable to run on Windows 7. Unlike with Vista, it is possible to run older software. Check out XP Mode, which uses a Virtual PC-to run XP on top of Windows 7.

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Thank you so much for sharing some helpful tips on window 7. Could Windows 7 accomplish everything that's expected of it? I can say probably not, but it makes a damn good attempt. I found installing XP, Vista and Windows 7 on the same hardware over the space of a week also proved that point: Hardware just worked when I booted up Windows 7 for the first time, while my machines were practically catatonic with XP until I dug up the drivers, and gimped with Vista until I dutifully updated.

Windows Seven has had very clever marketing saying it's so good and building it up! I approve that is more faster than Vista but it's really still slow! Microsoft is clearly money hungry and deceptive ! Have a nice evening!