Vista incompatibility solved, well maybe...

Sometimes I come across products that seem like a really good idea, that really try to solve a genuine problem. Last month Newham Borough Council’s CIO, Richard Steel, told me that he would have to delay rolling out Windows Vista because the desktop applications the council used, were not certified.

A company called ChangeBase called me up soon after this article was published. ChangeBase has developed a piece of software called Aok, which contains a database of failed application installations that occur on Vista.

According to the founders, more often than not, failures occur because the Microsoft installation script (MSI) used to install the application hardwires the operating system. Fix the script and the application should install. Other problems include Windows Registry settings that conflict with legacy operating system components and unsupported device drivers.

Pharmaceutical company AstraZenenca is one company already using the Aok tool. Out of 500 applications so far tested, 24 failed because of the installation file.

If Aok really does work, it could save companies many, many man-hours of testing and help some organisations make incompatible applications work on Vista. I’m keen to hear if anyone has tried Aok yet, and their experience.

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I have been involved in application and OS migration as an independent IT Consultant for many years and had the challenge of application readiness in many different environments. I can honestly say that ChangeBASE AOK is the one product in the market place that really helps to migrate these applications.

The ease at which it performs the checking and fixes tasks is second to none and the usability of the product is very intuitive and in a very short time frame you are able to perform real work with the product at an enterprise level.

It is not often that you can say a product “does everything it says on the tin”, however with ChangeBASE AOK this is definitely the case and if used correctly it can reduce the cost of migration and help to quickly identify problem areas.

Patrick Smith

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