VMware Mobile Virtualisation Platform (MVP), the company’s mobile virtualisation platform has the potential to open up mobile application development. The question is whether operators will allow third-party applications on their networks. Mobile telcos seem particularly reluctant about making applications available. The networks are effectively closed off, which means users can only get content and software directly from the mobile network providers.

This has to change, because operators cannot anticipate all the applications a user will need.  Thy are heavily focused on games, video, MySpace and Facebook, because they see these as a way to up sell premium high speed mobile data subscriptions.

If VMWare is successful, it will be able to provide a hardware and network independent architecture for creating platform independent mobile applications. This is what Mobile Java promised. But I have seen little evidence of Java ME, the mobile Java platform. The challenge of getting applications certified has limited Java’s successes as a mobile platform.

Funnily enough, only Windows Mobile seems to have a grasp of network independent apps. I have loaded several useful applications on my trusty XDA Orbit – all downloaded via ActiveSync on the PC.

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