The problem with Apple

The media seems to love the iPhone and iPad. TV gadget shows, celebrities and  journalists feed the hype over a new Apple product. An iPhone or iPad launch is a big event, which drives more and more people to  buy products on Day One of launch, before anyone has even reviewed the product.


This means that products are not properly beta tested, such as the left-handed problem on the iPhone 4. It is entirely Apple’s fault – for not running extensive quality assurance and product tests. If Apple is such a great brand, the it should offer customers the very highest quality products. Unfortunately, this is not hw the Apple marketing machine currently works. Let’s hope that today its execs have to admit they were wrong, and agree to recall millions of products to fix the ridiculous iPhone 4 problem, which could have been spotted by any beta tester.

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So the qualification to get a blog is you must hate everything about Apple? Honestly, you question the products, and yet, they succeed - 3 million sold on the iPad in just 80 days. When there are problems, Apple takes care of them, and if they were such a bad product and brand, and the evil of all mankind (yes, I'm taking liberties on your article, figure you'll hit that in the next extensive research blog you produce), then why to people buy other Apple products? Because they were told to? Maybe give the consumers are little credit - they could actually be purchasing products they like. So next time, look at the customer satisfaction studies, and the IT reports (both of which are very high for Apple), and maybe the stock is selling at all time highs for a reason - so that means the potential investors don't know what they're doing as well (lousy product, sure, let's buy it's stock). How about this? Instead of criticizing the product, since it's obviously no good, why don't you create the perfect product, that will make you happy - and get back with me on your first million sales - don't wait too long, I don't have a lot of years left!

As much as I don't agree with a lot of what Apple does, they do seem to have one of the more thorough quality assurance procedures in the industry. Ironically the main reason it seems that this issue was not picked up was down to their overly secretive nature - when using the Iphone 4 in the field, they wrapped it in a case that made it look like it's predecessor to throw people of the scent. However this only succeeded in masking the now apparent signal issue.