Thanks so much for your atttachment

Why do people send large unsolicited attachments? I have just deleted 7 Mbytes in two attachments from Sony’s PR agency – Borkowski. People really need to go on a training course on email dos and don’ts. Storage costs money and sending large email attachments means that someone will have to store that 7 Mbyte of attachments for several years, on discs and tapes, which consume electricity, need constant upgrading and require greater amounts of storage space. There is an environmental impact.
Also, let’s not forget that I probably wasn’t the only person to get the info on the 24 megapixel Sony Alpha α850. If 1000 people were cc:ed on the email and received the same attachment, over 7 Gbytes of data would have been sent across the internet this morning – just for a single press release from one company. What a waste.

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It is a bit of a shame that there isn't some kind of built-in secure FTP in Outlook and stuff - where you could 'attach' a file by means only of a link, so the recipient could choose whether or not they actually downloaded it. But in an automated manner so the sender wouldn't have to do anything other than set that as their preference for delivering attachments...

I have a thing about large attachments. Email shouldn't be used to send large data files because it is inefficient and environmentally bad (think about all the disks and tape storage required to archive MS Exchange databases of every users' InBox and Sent Mail). MS does offer SharePoint to allow users to work in a shared workspace, on a corporate network, but people can also set up shared online spaces using Google Docs, and presumably Office Live will allow this too.