Skip Vista - you know it makes sense

With the first service pack now available, I wonder how many businesses are going to be upgrading to Vista?

Not many it seems. Some businesses are not at all keen on Vista. Let’s face it, what’s the best way to break a modern PC…install Vista. All the tweaks Microsoft has made to make its desktop operating more intuitive, more secure and do more cool stuff means that the processor has to perform more tasks and you need more memory and faster graphics. So a PC that runs XP well, will be truly sluggish if Vista is installed.

It’s no wonder Dell and HP and going to continue preinstalling Vista. If you are in the business of selling new PCs, next generation hardware usually equates to greater performance. Sadly, Vista saps all that power, making the new PC perform far worse than the machine it replaces. And for Dell and HP, that’s not encouraging, hence their decision to offer XP instead.

Now for business users, why bother with Vista at all. PC upgrades are unnecessary expenses during these difficult economic conditions. Any IT manager attempting to replace desktops when trading conditions are poor, must be mad, or a genius, or both. No one in their right mind should be looking at refeshing the desktop unless the future of the business absolutely depends on Vista. And how likely is that?

Perhaps it is better to defer any decision to upgrade until trading conditions improve. Better still, don’t upgrade to Windows Vista at all. Why not wait until the next release, Windows 7, comes out.