Poor service from IBM: Big Blue shows its true colours

I’m rather annoyed with IBM. A few weeks ago, around the time of Lotusphere, I wanted to find out whether the Lotus 6.5.x client would run on Windows Vista.

I felt this was not an unreasonable thing to ask, given that IBM states on its website it would only support the 7.3.x and later versions on Vista.

I was speaking to Changebase, a company offering a Vista migration tool called Aok that had found users need not upgrade to run the Lotus client on Windows Vista.

It certainly won’t run without tweaks to the installation script according to Aok…but it will work.

So I put this to IBM. I’m sure Computer Weekly readers would like to hear IBM’s experience of running the 6.5.x client on Vista. But, it’s been three weeks and I haven’t heard a thing.

Perhaps IBM is ignoring me because they’d prefer people upgraded to the latest version. Perhaps Big Blue, the company that has been integral to the development of IT in business simply cannot be bothered to answer a legitimate question.

Either way, it is not acceptable. IBM wins a lot of good publicity from its generous support of the open source community. Maybe it has a Jekyll and Hyde personality and beneath all the goodwill, IBM is under-handedly trying to get users to pay for new versions.