Mobile contracts suck

How difficult can it be to upgrade your mobile phone contract? It seems, it’s near impossible to get the deal that works for you. I spent most of last weekend trying to find a contract that provides voice, text and would allow me both  to surf the web on a laptop while on the road and access mobile internet using 3G.


Many mobile phones include a 3G modem that allow you to connect your laptop to the internet. But the operators want to sell you a 3G dongle with a separate contract. Years ago, I used to connect to the Cix dial-up bulletin board service using a old Nokia, with an HP Jornada laptop via an infrared link. Things have moved on –  3G is pretty fast but I can[‘t help but feel that the contract is now far less usable that in the old days.


Why can’t I use my existing voice and data contract to access the internet both on my mobile phone and when I choose to use the phone as a modem? No one I spoke to this weekend could give me a proper answer.


Instead I need to buy a separate 3G usb dongle contract. This defies logic – because there is absolutely no reason for me to stick with the same provider as the one I use for voice – I can  go to any of the operators to acquire 3G data.


Rather than offer too-good-to-be-true deals for people switching contracts, I think the mobile operators need to crack this problem, and value existing customers by providing cost-effective contracts that fit in with their usage patterns.