Join up the cloud for end-to-end services

Martin Sadler, director of cloud and security, HP Labs,  David Chalmers, HP CTO for servers, storage & networking, Gurprit Singh, CTO , HP Technology Services Consulting and Sukhi Gill, fellow and Emea chief technologist, HP Enterprise Services were in London this week to discuss how cloud computing will impact enterprise IT.

The above panelists said that IT needs a paridigm shift to work in the cloud. It needs to be a broker of services rather than builder.

The industry must also change. If a CIO can pick and chose cloud services, the IT department needs some way of measuring end-to-end service delivery. You may get your compute from Amazon, your network from BT and your storage from an HP cloud. Who is responsible when your cloud-based enterprise system fails?

In traditional IT, IT departments  provide complex SLAs acrosss mutliple suppliers. But these are one-to-one relationships, where the user manages individual supplier SLAs.  The cloud needs what HP describes as a consume-subscribe model, where suppliers can publish vital information about the services they offer and SLAs in a common location or enable this information to be federated and brokered, allowing buyers to build an end-to-end service using service coponents in the cloud.