Internet Explorer 8.0: compatibility test results...

Enterprise apps that use a web browser user interfaces may not work on Internet Explorer 8.0, if they need downloadable components like ActiveX controls., I have spoken to RightNow and NetSuite arnd I’ve been told they are still running compatibility tests, Oracle has found issues which will impact eBusiness Suite 11i and 12i. SAP is recommending users continue to run IE6 or 7 until it can certify IE8.

I asked ChangeBase, a company that produces Aok, a Windows app compatibility checker, to look at which IE features are no longer supported in IE8. Greg Kambert, the company’s technical director has just emailed me a list of the affected components:

·         Cross-Site Scripting Filter


·         DEP/NX Crash Recovery


·         File Name Restriction


·         Codepage Sniffing


·         AJAX Navigation


·         Application Protocol Detection


·         MIME Type Detection Restrictions


·         Web Proxy Error Handling Changes


·         Signed Certificate Filtering


Greg has also given me details of the problems in the IE8.pdf document.

It’s also worth noting that anyone running really old PCs (before the 2004 Intel Pentium Prescott process or family) will find their hardware can’t support Microsoft’s DEF/NX secuirty feature.