IBM third-party maintenance breathes new life into mainframes

The European Competitions (anti-trust) Commission has ruled that IBM must publish information on mainframe spares for third party maintainers.
It’s fair to say the mainframe is not going away. Some systems, such as the core banking and insurance applications, are too complex to migrate. These systems have been running for years aware and companies and government departments should not be locked into one supplier for hardware or software maintenance on these legacy systems.
IBM will continue to sell shiny new z-series mainframe servers as data centres in or box, or cloud computing in a box. But for those organisations who do not require such leading edge, premium technology, the fact that third party maintainers will have access to IBM spares, is a breakthrough, allowing businesses to keep their trusty legacy systems operational.
Outsourcers, particularly those who operate in India or Eastern Europe,  will be able to expand their mainframe businesses,  Mainframe users will be able to selectively offload legacy mainframe computers to these suppliers. And IBM may even be able to sell more z-series hardware, as budgets are freed up which can be deployed  on modern  mainframe applications.